Grune Plakette beim Motor Austausch? 1992 California AAB (Englisch Deutsch)

  • Hallo

    Unserem AAB 2,4D 1992 California Motor ist fast kaputt. Es hat 330.000 km stand....leider nur 1.500 von uns

    Wir ueberlagen ob wir austauschen den Motor aber unserer erste Frage ist 'Kann Man ueberhaupt eine Grune Plakette for dieses Auto bekommen kann?' Koennen wir einen Motor einstellen und welche? Ist es nur bei Motor mann bekommt eine grune Plakett oder musst mann andere zachen auch wechseln?

    Vielen dank


  • As far as I know, there is one manufacturer who sells a Kat system which enables the AAB engine to get the green sticker. But it is very expensive (about 1800€ ??)and not for all T4 since there are exceptins for automatic gear and vehicules with higher load (aufgelastet)

    maybe you want to read there, for example:…-dpf-gr%C3%BCne-plakette/

    Building in a different engine is a run through the djungle of authorities (TÜV). If you think this might be an opportunity to keep your car you should ask the TÜV guy before you start.
    The (new) engine will need its electronic box (Steuergerät) and all the surroundings (like Wegfahrsperre) which - in my eyes - makes it neccessary to be an enthousiast and a mechanic too to start such a project. You might need an entire vehicule to transplant all the things needed.

  • Thanks Bertram

    Wann du sagst "Building in a different engine is a run through the djungle of authorities (TÜV).......", was meinst du mit 'different engine'..andere AAB oder zum beispiel Benzin. Wenn wir stellen wieder einen AAB muss ein, mussen wir auch die andere sachen machen z.b. Steuergeraet?

    Antwort in Englisch geht auch ;) :whistle:


  • It is possible to built in another Diesel engine like you have (called AAB) and built in an additional Filter for to get the green sticker. This way is very expensive and there are some problems with the max. load of your T4 (below 2800 Kg and more than 2800 Kg). The Filter Bertram told us is about 1800.-€ and you will need an exchange- engine in a good condition too... And your idea to change to a Benzin one is not as bad as it seems, but there are technical problems too. There are Fuel T4 they don´t get the green sticker because they don´t have a special filter for the air coming out of the Benzintank. And you can change the Diesel one into a TDI one. This job needs a komplete car spending not only the engine, you need additional parts like the wireing, the electronic box, the electric Gaspedal an so on... But it will be easyer to get the green sticker.
    If you can get a good AAB engine or get yours repaired (there are specialists called Motorinstandsetzer) it is the easyest way. Than you must find out if your car will get the green sticker with this Filter. In which condition is your California?

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  • Hi Tobias

    Thank you for your reply. I think I will write in English this time as I may have been understood a little and maybe it will be easier for us to speak.

    About the Benzin engine, I didn't really think about putting in a Benzine engine, I would like to keep the diesel if possible.

    The California is in very good condition outside and inside. No rust or ver very little. It has been kept well. I believe there is some rust on the underside, I don't know how much but our mechanic said so. It is because it is so good condition we would like to keep it (we also like it very much).

    If we get a TDI you say it would be eassier to get a green sticker if we changed other parts too. Would we still need the Filter Bertram mentioned if we went down the TDI way. What is the code for the TDI engine (like our AAB code)?

    The other options are to either get a different AAB engine or as you say ours fixed. Ours has 337.000 km on it, if we did et this fixed how many more kilometers we could get from it after fixing? Would it be better buying a different AAB engine with less KM on it? There are many questions and it seems many answers............sort of

    Do you or anyone else know of any good engine repairers or sellers in the Berlin area or do they come and pick the engine up. The engine still runs and we can drive about it is just that it burns a lot of oil..not so good for our wallet, the environment and the image of VW Bus drivers! 1 - 1,5 litres per 100km. Actually thinking of it, is there anything that could reduce oil burning or is it too late:S

    A serious option is just to keep the plakett we have but our main dream is to get the engine working good inside. The green plakett was a option as we thought if we get a different engine then maybe we can get one or make the bus get a green plakett too at the same time.

    I would be very happy for any advice or recommendations of people who could do the work from the people on this forum


  • May be it is an easier way to change the interior to a younger bus??

    For 1800,- € you might pay a lot of violation tickets. It depends on the town you live. In my town there are no controls. And privat park houses are secure anyhow.

  • Hi,

    well getting a green sticker for a AAB is nearly impossible, and would take some of the engines power as well.

    You might try to get an exception of the need for a sticker, because a) the convertion is not possible (keeping the original engine) and b) (I assume) you're driving not so much distance with the california. I'd simply ask at the 'Straßenverkehrsamt' if and how this would be possible.


  • Hi,
    you want to keep the Bus. You want to drive a Diesel engine. Than there are two options: 1: Find a good AAB with less Kilometers (later AAB from 1997 on are called AJA) or get your old engine repaired (it will run 100.000Km and more, it depends on which parts are new after repairing) an buy the Filter Bertram told about for 1800.-€. Bevore you start this enterprise, ask the Filtermanufaktor if your T4 will get a green sticker with the filter or if there are more modifikations nececcary. Option 2: Find a good TDI Bus with an ACV engine (75 KW 102PS) from the jears 1998 till 2000. Later ones have very complicatet data-lines between the electronic boxes of the engine, the ABS an other elektric parts. From this bus you need the whole engine and gearbox assembly, the whole wireing from all wires connecting anything in the front of the car with the main electric box on the left side under the dashboard. You must change the "kupplungspedal" into an hydraulic version, the "gaspedal" into the electric one and on the "Bremspedal" you need elecrtic swiches sending signals to the engines electronic box.
    I think the two options are not easy to decide. If you are able to work youself in a "Mietwerkstatt" supported by the owners and the fellows in this forum I think the second option may be cheaper. If you cant do anything youself, the option 2 can hide some unexpectet surprises for you and the mechanics and it is possible that the whole thing will get a horrible desaster.
    You asked for help in and near Berlin. Do you live in Berlin (you need the green sticker) or is it not as nececcary to have it? For towns with the green sticker you can get a special permission, given to owners of a car that can´t get an additional filter. You must pay for it every jear again. Or as RalphCC2 wrote, for the 1800.-€ the filter will be, you can pay many fine if the catch you driving in Berlin.

    My opinion is: Get the old Engine repaired or replaced. Check out if yor bus will get the green sticker with this expensive filter according to the individual data of you bus (max. load...) And if the filter will fit into the bus, think about how nececcary it will be for you.

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  • coupling pedal, accelerator pedal and brake pedal are built in one block.
    You have to change it completely.

    If you decide to switch to the ACV motor you also need the turbo and the intercooler.

    Like Tobias told you, it only makes sence if you can get a complete, for example accident car, from whitch you can explant the complete motor an gear tecnology.
    You also need the instrumental board and the main electric bord, best is to change the ignicion lock too so that it will work with the anti-theft device
    immobiliser system.

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  • Oh man! I thought it would easy to get a green plakette by changing to a newer seems like a lot of work. Thank you all for your posts.

    The sound of both options: AJA + filter or AVC + other parts seems very expensive and a lot of changes. I'm really at a loss what to do with the bus. Only did around 1.500 km since owning it.

    I don't think I would even consider changing the interior to another bus....first I would need to buy another van...ahhhhh..more cash and then still don't know if that van will be ok too.:wall:

    I did think of just keeping the current engine and see if i could stop the oil burning out...found a post on about liqui moly öl-verlust Stop…66f65feea23d78....thought I would give this a try, even though if it works it won't stop my issue with the green plakette but at least we can still use the bus without damaging the environment so much. I will let you know if there is any change....currently I'm losing about 1 liter oil per 100-125km..I don't know if I#m wishing for a miracle with this Liqui-Moly but feel like I have to give it a go. If anyone has any experience of using it I would be happy to hear. The can look into the filter also.

    How can one become or get introduced to a mietwerkstatt? Is this like a club? If anyone can let me know about one in Berlin (we live in berlin) I would be very interested if it is what i think it could be. Please private message me if you feel more comfortable than directly on the post here. I have no idea how to work with vehicles...but would be happy to learn as I think I'm gonna be a bus man if my first few experiences of the pleasure of bus life is to go by. Love it. Love the T4 too.

    I have also sent an email (in my German!) to the Berlin Straßenverkehrsamt....let's see what happens..I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks everyone for their help..very much appreciated and welcoming!

    Best wishes

  • Hi steve. I think it will be the best, to keep your car on the AAB engine. Visit a "Motorinstandsetzer" and ask for a "Kostenvoranschlag" what means he must say how expensive it will be to repair your AAB or replace it with a checked one (perhaps a AJA engine). If he gave you a "kostenvoranschlag" he can´t ask for more than 10% plus at the end. After the engine is repaired or replaced, you will get a warrenty from the shop. This will run be for a special time or an amount of kilometers... After this you can decide if you wnt to have the 1800.-€ filter or if you pay every jear for the extra-permission driving in Berlin.

    Burnig so much oil happens, if the sealing (dichtung?) of the valves is damaged. The oil greasing the valves and there moving parts is coming down the valves and get burned in the engine. Also it might be possible, that the sealing-rings of the pistons (Kolben?) are in an bad condition. Oil greasing the pistons is not wiped of and gets burned while the engine is running. Both things are not such a big problem for a "motorinstandsetzer" and as your California is in such a good shape it will be a good deal to keep the car and get it repaired.

    Good luck for you

    In a "mietwerkstatt" you can hire a "Hebebühne" to lift your car up if you want to work under it, you can hire some special tools and in some of them you can get professional help or they are doing jobs you give them completely. I think there are some of them in Berlin. Wait if some of the Berlin fellows answer or start a new thread asking for a mietwerkstatt in Berlin.

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  • Hi All

    As said, here's the update!

    I contacted the Berlin Straßenverkehrsamt and they said the bus cannot have an exception and get a green plaket. I don't know if they meant the bus would not get one at all, even with the conversion, or just that they would not give me an exception.

    I tried the Liqui use. It did not work, still burning oil, blue smoke! Not very nice for anyone. We have decided to keep the bus as we love the lifestyle. We will either fix the motor we have (if possible) or get an austausch. Hoping to drive to Croatia in September

    I would like to say MANY THANKS to all the people who replied to the post to try and help us. DANKE, DANKE, DANKE :ok: