Terms of Use


This website is a private and non-commercial service. Use is free for both guests and registered users. Active participation requires a user account that requires personal data registration and acceptance of these terms.

Registration and deletion

Each natural person may only register for one user account. There is no right to registration. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block or delete created user accounts so that further use is excluded if the terms of use and rules are violated.

The deletion of a user account and thus the deletion of all personal data provided during the registration is only possible by the operator of the site or an authorized administrator. Information about the personal data is summarized in the Privacy Policy.

Contents and their use

The user expressly grants the operator of this website a permanent right to use the content he has written on the website. The deletion of contents of a user, e.g. created topics and contributions or comments, is expressly excluded. Deleting the user account will preserve that content. The legal claims to deletion or disregard of personal data remain unaffected.

Content, including those of the user account (avatar, signature, etc.), can be edited or deleted by operators, administrators and moderators at any time and without prior notice, if they violate the terms of use and rules.

By accepting these terms, the user declares that he will publish neither racist, offensive, criminal or inhuman content nor violate applicable law. The user assumes full responsibility for authored content.


Advertising is prohibited on this website.

Validity of the terms of use

By using our website, you agree to the terms of use described above.

Due to the evolution of our website or the introduction of new technologies, it may be necessary to change these terms of use. We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time with effect for the future. You will be notified and must be aware of and agree to the new terms in order to continue using the Site.

The above-mentioned Terms of Use are currently valid and have the status 01.05.2018.