Free wheel control system for rear axle on T4 Eurovan camper

  • I just finished converting my 1995 eurovan camper to 4wd. I purchased a drive train from a salvage shop who buys part in Europe and re sells in California. I live in utah and the majority of roads are secondary dirt roads. After a few near standings in the back county I decided to do the conversion. Getting stuck here is a big deal as there is usually no traffic and no cell service to get assistance.

    the conversion was straight forward except for the free wheel control on the rear axle. My van does not have ABS and none of the electrical or vacuum provisions to connect this control box.

    Does any one know exactly what this does?

    Can I drive it safely with it disabled?

    Can I enable it in a manner that would allow for the rear axle to free upon command?

  • you can't free the rear axle.

    The T4 system works with permanet power on all 4 wheels.

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